I am hardly an expert on this whole issue.  I would like to see a side by side 
of prints made from 8 bit vs 16 bit images to see just exactly what the 
difference might
be.  I think your average person probably wouldn't care.  It has been mentioned 
monitors are poor venues on which to view digital photographic images as far as 
bit depth
is concerned.  However, I am curious to know what your opinion is of this:


I do know that for me, Gimp makes the difference between no image editing 
program at all
and having an image editing program.   Photoshop is simply out of the question 
for me for
a number of reasons.  Cost is, of course, one reason (but it is interesting the 
number of
people I have run across who feel that acquiring a bootleg version of PS is an 
thing to do).  Part of it is that I use Windows under duress.   So, if I wanted 
seriously consider PS, then I would have to look at a Mac.

If they ever bothered to port PS to Linux/Unix, it might be more of a 
However, I still feel that the sticker price for PS is utterly ridiculous for 
the average user.

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