Greg wrote:
> --- Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I don't think though that we need more people pointing out the
> obvious
>> flaws in GIMP.
> Obvious to whom?  Do you speak for the list members?
I think this theme has been arisen here many times. And I believe the 
developers are bothered answering the same question  for the n-ty times. 
You can check it by searching in this list. Moreover, GEGL (floating 
point channel values and procedural layers) has been mentioned in this 
thread as to be embedded in GIMP in the next 2.6 version and even the 
roadmap has been explained several times.  Take a look at .

What  do you really need to be told here? The developers are aware about 
more than 8 bits per channel and procedural layers. They promised to  
make it possible in the next GIMP version. GEGL has that features 
already implemented. So what more information do you  need?

If you just want to state that more than 8 bits per channel is good, the 
developers know that fact. I think it is mostly a holy war, as I can 
quoter Dan Margulis which said (my translation from Russian which is in 
turn translation from original English I do not have):

"During the last 3 years more than dozen of different experts, including me, 
have been doing serious attempts to find any evidences which testify to the 
benefits of corrections in 16-bit mode. The experts took the very different 
color photos from the real life, applied every possible treatment methods 
trying to find the tracks of the fact that this method provides better results 
than 8-bits one. How did we taunt the poor files! But we have not managed to 
find any benefits".

So I believe the benefits exist, but their value is too much overspoken!

>> We are all very well aware of them...
> We are?
>> ...and you are just stealing our precious time.
> Again, do you speak for the rest of us?
> Now, granted, I'm fairly new here so I don't know what role you play in
> the GIMP world, but so far the only person I've seen bitching about
> "noise" is you.  I find these discussions informative, and as a GIMP
> user, useful.  As long as people don't start getting into how the
> source code does this or that, I don't have a problem the current line
> of discussions.
Sven is the project leader and main contributor to the code. You can 
simply browse via
to proven it.


With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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