> I have photographs of flowers.
> I type the botanical name of the flower.
> Then I run the logo basic 1 script on the text, and the entire photo is
> cropped so that only the text remains.
> How can I run a logo script on text without losing the remainder of the
> picture?
> I've tried duplicate layer, and putting the text on the duplicate layer,
> but
> I still lose the remainder of the picture when I run the script.

I think what you want to do is

a. Write name on image (leave text on its own layer)
b. Position text exactly where you want it
c. Filter->Alpha to logo->Basic 1
d. In the layers dialog, remove the white background layer
e. In the same layers dialog, do a merge visible layers
f. Select all, Copy
g. Reopen your flower image and Paste
h. Reposition so that there is no mismatch between the logo background and
original image


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