On Saturday 01 December 2007 04:52:03 pm Kevin Cozens wrote:
> Helen wrote:
> > Then I run the logo basic 1 script on the text, and the entire photo is
> > cropped so that only the text remains.
> This is a problem with the design of many (or all?) of the Logo scripts
> that also offer an "Alpha to Logo" version. Most of the work is done in an
> "apply effect" routine. When called as a Logo script, an image is created
> at a default size, the effect routine is called, and the effect routine
> resizes the image to the needed size. When a script is run as an Alpha to
> Logo script, the image resize should not be done.
> There are 17 scripts that (may) have this problem. This problem should be
> added to Bugzilla as a low priority task.

I'd say they have to be changed, but that could not be done without breaking 
compability. So I think this change should be marked for gimp 3.0 (unless we 
get optional parameters on the PDB before that).


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