Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>That is actually the point where the 2.4 crop tool is a lot superior
>than the one in 2.2. Not only does it not pop up an annoying dialog as
>soon as you start to use it. It also features an entry for the aspect
>ratio that has a calculator built into it. You enter the desired aspect
>ratio in the Crop tool options, like 16:9, and it will use that whenever
>you press Shift (or lock the ratio using the check button next to the


In my 2.4.2 version running on Solaris 10/SPARC under gnome, the check-box
does lock the crop aspect ratio.  But if the check box is not selected, no
key, including shift, seems to lock the aspect ratio and as soon as you
drag out the crop window, the previously set aspect ratio is changed to
"Current".  Is that a potential bug in the Solaris build or am I missing
something?  In any case, I don't mind the current implementation.

Jeffery Small

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