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> That is actually the point where the 2.4 crop tool is a lot superior
> than the one in 2.2. Not only does it not pop up an annoying dialog as
> soon as you start to use it. It also features an entry for the aspect
> ratio that has a calculator built into it. You enter the desired aspect
> ratio in the Crop tool options, like 16:9, and it will use that whenever
> you press Shift (or lock the ratio using the check button next to the
> entry). Quite useful as soon as you discovered it. The fact that you
> didn't discover it should make us think though...

So even when I go to the bother of typing in the ratio I want, I have to  
hold shift down or it ignores it, stops displaying it and says "current"  
instead?! Isn't the fact that I made the effort to type something in  
enough of a hint that I want it to be applied? That's really terrible.

And why on Earth would you not at least display the actual ratio as the  
user works? Changing that (as compared to 2.2 which DOES display the  
current ratio) was just nuts, frankly.

What should the fact that you thought that was a sensible way of doing it  
make me think about you?

This discussion isn't going anywhere - you think 2.4 is a big improvement  
on 2.2 and I don't, is the bottom line here. I'm sure you have your  
reasons and I'm sure you think they're good reasons. But at the end of the  
day none of 2.2's big shortcomings (16bit workspace, CMYK) have really  
been addressed and what has been done is, to me, sloppy and mostly  
superficial work. The layout of menus is tidier, although the new icons  
are fairly ugly so UI-wise I think it's only a minor improvement overall.

I'll wait for 2.6 and in the meantime happily use 2.2, which is a great  


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