On Friday 22 February 2008, ChadDavis wrote:
> I'm trying to take some screen captures that will be used in a book.  How
> do I set the resolution / dpi of the screen capture device?  I tried
> setting the defulat new image parameters, but it doesn't seem to be used by
> the screen capture device.

When doing screen captures, you don't actually get any ppi at all, you just 
get the plain pixels.  The resolution you attach to the image is quite 
arbitrary.  When using it in a book, you might want to scale the image by an 
integer scale with next neighbour "interpolation" though.  IMHO pixelized 
screenshots look better than blurred ones on paper.  But maybe one of the 
actual book writers on this list may tell you more. *hint*

Greetings, Daniel

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