On Fri, 2008-02-22 at 16:01 -0700, ChadDavis wrote:
> But doesn't this mean that if my the portion of the screen that I'm
> interested in is only 3 by 5 or so, then there is basically no way to
> get a non extrapolated set of pixels that will print to 3 by 5 on the
> page?

That's correct.  It's the nature of the hardware.  You can change the
DPI from 300 to 72 to match the monitor but the print will likely be of
much lower quality.

You can scale up the screen shot but I'd only double it's size once to
produce a larger print image at high DPI.  Even then, you're likely to
have a less than ideal print image.  Scaling up is not a good thing with
raster images.

For what it's worth, I tend to make all my screen shots for books and
magazines set to 250DPI, which produces a slightly larger print image at
reasonable quality.

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