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> Are you "copying" the slides, or are you scanning them?
> If you're using a slide copying attachment and effectively rephotographing 
> them onto your digital camera, then the CA of the copying equipment will be a 
> factor. On the other hand, if you're scanning them, then CA isn't usually an 
> issue, because scanning is a different mechanism entirely. If you're scanning 
> and then seeing CA, I believe the CA must be in the original slide. Perhaps 
> you just didn't notice before? We do tend to view digital images at much 
> higher magnifications than we used to view silver halide images. (To be fair, 
> that might not be true of slides though!)

I am copying them using my digital camera but, as every slide I have
copied so far has shown some CA somewhere, I am not convinced that CA
was in the slide. So yes, the culprit must be in the hardware. A point
of interest - when the slide is rephotographed it is in the original
cardboard or plastic holder. The images include a small amount of the
frame which has a beautiful fringe all the way round on the inside
shading from green through to violet.

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