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> I feel sure that you must be correct. I have never seen any noticeable
> fringing or CA effects with my ordinary photography it is only with
> project I set myself of copying a lot of old colour transparencies. In
> the old days I used to often feel frustrated at not being able to do a
> great deal with colour slides such as I did in my darkroom with black
> and white film. Thus, I saw this as chance to catch up on history and
> the same time, maybe, produce some interesting images digitally. It
> looks as though I shall be frustrated yet again.
> Norman

I think your camera is OK, the problem is your "close up filter" that
you use for enlarging the slides. These things are prone to CA. You can
get away with a lens made out of two glasses (called achromatic and
being expensive), but most of these things are made out of a single
glass and mess up the colours. I never have heard about an apochromatic
lens to put in front of a point and shoot. 

You can try to use your camera without this lens in macro mode and crop
the image later in GIMP. With luck there is enough resolution left. 


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