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> Here, a list of things GIMP do not have, in my mind:
>  A ellipse tool to draw ellipse, as a rectangle tool to draw rectangle, and
>  a polygon tool to draw ah, you know.
You are currently expected to use the appropriate selection tools and
then fill the resulting selection.
for a related bug report.

>  A method to draw text using a system like boards systems to change text
>  properties, font, style, size stuff. Like using <b>bold here!</b>
>  A way to draw curves.
Do you mean, like GIMP's paths tool? (key shortcut = B)

>  A way to deny modifications in a layer, and a way to change this property
>  A method to organize layers.
>  A method to assign a same mask to various layer modifying one mask
>  A gradient color with more colors. Like Flash where you can set more than
>  two colors in a gradient.

Easily done -- a gradient can have however many colors you want.
1. Bring up the Gradients dialog
2. Create a new gradient
3. Double-click on it to edit it
4. Make the necessary changes (you can use 'split uniformly' to split
a given gradient segment into several segments. If you can find a menu
item like this but it doesn't read sensibly, then that is a bug in the
translation, which you should report.)

>  I key shortcut to stop drawing layer outline
You can assign a key shortcut yourself.

>  Here ends my list.
>  More any suggestion well capable to pass non-noticed? Foward here.
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