Yep, Lap,

All of these tools/capabilities are already part of GIMP. Ensure that you
have the latest version, but most of these have been there from the start.


On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 8:45 AM, Michael J. Hammel <

> On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 09:47 -0300, Lap1994 wrote:
> > A ellipse tool to draw ellipse, as a rectangle tool to draw rectangle,
> and
> > a polygon tool to draw ah, you know.
> You do this by stroking selections.  The Rectangular and Elliptical
> selections will cover the first two, and the Paths tool (converted to a
> selection) will cover the latter.
> On the other hand, I once wrote a plugin (GFXShapes) for creating a
> number of basic shapes.  It was part of a set of plugins I called the
> Graphics Muse tools.  It's written for GIMP 2.2 but it works (as far as
> I can tell) under GIMP 2.4.  You can grab a copy of the source code from
> my web site:
> The web site with docs is:
> Not to mention GFig, which draws lots of shapes for you:
> Filters->Render->GFig.
> > A method to draw text using a system like boards systems to change text
> > properties, font, style, size stuff. Like using <b>bold here!</b>
> GIMP doesn't do that currently.  I'd cringe at adding it to the core
> system since I consider that feature-creep.  But providing the right API
> for a plugin to handle it would be a nice addition.
> > A way to draw curves.
> Use the Paths tool.  Click once to drop an endpoint to the curve.  Click
> again to drop the second.  In the Tool Options, switch to Edit mode and
> then click on each end point and drag out to get an anchor point to
> adjust the shape of the curve.  Then use Stoke Path in the Tool Options.
> > A way to deny modifications in a layer, and a way to change this
> property
> That would be nice.  GIMP currently does not suppor this in 2.4.
> > A method to organize layers.
> A plugin could do that pretty easily.  Define "organize".  Remember that
> you can drag layers up and down the stack in the Layers dialog.  You can
> align layers using the Alignment Tool from the toolbox.  GFXLayers in my
> Graphics Muse Tools also does this though I think the Alignment tool is
> probably a simpler to use interface.
> > A method to assign a same mask to various layer modifying one mask
> Not sure what you mean here, but you can copy and paste masks.  You
> can't link a single mask to multiple layers, however.  Linking masks to
> multiple layers might be a nice feature.
> > A gradient color with more colors. Like Flash where you can set more
> than
> > two colors in a gradient.
> You can set as many colors as you want in gradients.  Use the gradient
> editor ("New gradient" button the Gradients dialog).
> > I key shortcut to stop drawing layer outline
> You can dynamically set keyboard shortcuts for any menu item that does
> not already have one: File->Keyboard Shortcuts (from the Toolbox menus).
> Find your item, click on it and then type the keyboard shortcut.  For
> example, change View->Show Layer Boundary to use Ctrl-? (re:
> Ctrl-Shift-/) you just find View->Show Layer Boundary in the Configure
> Keyboard Shortcuts dialog, click on it and then type Ctrl-Shift-/.
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