On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 9:47 PM, Michael J. Hammel
> On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 19:49 -0600, Ben Walker wrote:
>  > You consider a proper text tool in the core feature-creep?
>  In a raster image editor, yes.

Personally I disagree - I'm eagerly awaiting the GSoC update to the
text tool, and I hope it results in an improvement in 2.8.  I
certainly use workarounds like styling text in other (usually vector)
programs and rasterizing it in GIMP - however, I do consider them to
be workarounds as opposed to solutions.

I agree that some type of third-party type-styling tool would be
optimal (anyone ever use TypeStyler on old-world mac?), but I just
don't see anything materializing soon.  In lieu of that, a more robust
type handling in GIMP would be much appreciated.  Even simple things
like rotating text and still being able to edit the content would make
my life a lot simpler.

As a freelancer, I use GIMP as a design tool  for a number of reasons.
 The first is that I enjoy using it more than the Other Program.  The
Python interface is another.  FOSS is another important reason.  The
fact that I run linux as my primary OS helps too :)  And I do love
GIMP - but all of that aside, in the graphic design world text is now
just as integral to a production image as a photograph and should be
treated accordingly.  Whether or not this is accomplished through a
port of the text tool to cairo/pango or the addition of a plugin is up
to the (most highly respected) developers, but I think enough of us
are wishing for it to make it happen.  GD work (in my experience) is
almost always verging on a train wreck - an improvement in GIMP's text
tool would certainly help me keep it on the rails :)

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