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> A ellipse tool to draw ellipse, as a rectangle tool to draw rectangle, and  
> a polygon tool to draw ah, you know.

You do this by stroking selections.  The Rectangular and Elliptical
selections will cover the first two, and the Paths tool (converted to a
selection) will cover the latter.

On the other hand, I once wrote a plugin (GFXShapes) for creating a
number of basic shapes.  It was part of a set of plugins I called the
Graphics Muse tools.  It's written for GIMP 2.2 but it works (as far as
I can tell) under GIMP 2.4.  You can grab a copy of the source code from
my web site: http://www.ximba.org/sw/gfxmuse/GFXMuseTools-3.0.0B2.tar.gz
The web site with docs is: http://www.ximba.org/gfxmuse/gfxmuse.html

Not to mention GFig, which draws lots of shapes for you:

> A method to draw text using a system like boards systems to change text  
> properties, font, style, size stuff. Like using <b>bold here!</b>

GIMP doesn't do that currently.  I'd cringe at adding it to the core
system since I consider that feature-creep.  But providing the right API
for a plugin to handle it would be a nice addition.

> A way to draw curves.

Use the Paths tool.  Click once to drop an endpoint to the curve.  Click
again to drop the second.  In the Tool Options, switch to Edit mode and
then click on each end point and drag out to get an anchor point to
adjust the shape of the curve.  Then use Stoke Path in the Tool Options.

> A way to deny modifications in a layer, and a way to change this property

That would be nice.  GIMP currently does not suppor this in 2.4.

> A method to organize layers.

A plugin could do that pretty easily.  Define "organize".  Remember that
you can drag layers up and down the stack in the Layers dialog.  You can
align layers using the Alignment Tool from the toolbox.  GFXLayers in my
Graphics Muse Tools also does this though I think the Alignment tool is
probably a simpler to use interface.

> A method to assign a same mask to various layer modifying one mask

Not sure what you mean here, but you can copy and paste masks.  You
can't link a single mask to multiple layers, however.  Linking masks to
multiple layers might be a nice feature.

> A gradient color with more colors. Like Flash where you can set more than  
> two colors in a gradient.

You can set as many colors as you want in gradients.  Use the gradient
editor ("New gradient" button the Gradients dialog).

> I key shortcut to stop drawing layer outline

You can dynamically set keyboard shortcuts for any menu item that does
not already have one: File->Keyboard Shortcuts (from the Toolbox menus).
Find your item, click on it and then type the keyboard shortcut.  For
example, change View->Show Layer Boundary to use Ctrl-? (re:
Ctrl-Shift-/) you just find View->Show Layer Boundary in the Configure
Keyboard Shortcuts dialog, click on it and then type Ctrl-Shift-/.

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