Michael J. Hammel wrote:
>> A method to draw text using a system like boards systems to change text  
>> properties, font, style, size stuff. Like using <b>bold here!</b>
> GIMP doesn't do that currently.  I'd cringe at adding it to the core
> system since I consider that feature-creep.  But providing the right API
> for a plugin to handle it would be a nice addition.

You consider a proper text tool in the core feature-creep?  I find that 
odd.  Every major player in this software category implements a tool of 
this sort as a matter of course and in the core.  Do you VERY rarely use 
text in GIMP?

Granted, you do mention a plugin, but if you make it a plugin, it will 
not be as fast or as straightforward to use, almost like an 
afterthought.  Should the user really have to open a plugin window just 
to add a word?  Modularity is great, but text ranks on the order of a 
paintbrush tool in importance IMHO.


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