On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 12:43 PM, Jason Cipriani
> I need to draw a circle and a box, outlined in black, preferably
>  without erasing the background underneath the shape. How do I do this?

I found the answer in the FAQ:

Use the elliptical select tool, hold down CTRL key to constrain as
circle, fill the selected area with new color, right click on selected
area, choose SELECT, SHRINK, shrink selection by whatever number of
pixels you want your circle width to be, right click again in selected
area, choose EDIT, CUT. Voila, one beautifully antialased circle.

I have a second question. If "how do I draw a box?" is a "frequently
asked question", why isn't there a "draw a box" button on the tool
palette in GIMP? Is there some historical reason?

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