On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 14:24 -0400, Jason Cipriani wrote:
> AFAICT there's no vector-graphics layers so both choices end up with
> rasterized shapes).

Paths are vector oriented objects in the GIMP.  They aren't associated
with specific layers so the path is not included directly in compositing
(currently).  There isn't any reason why vector effects (fills, strokes,
etc.) couldn't be applied to the path as some kind of metadata and then
associate a path with a specific layer as part of the compositing

I would think (based on my limited knowledge of the subject) that GEGL
would make this easier in 2.6.

> 1) It interacts with everything the same way the paint brush and
> pencil do. Draw squares, circles, etc., directly on to current layer.
> UI controls are similar to other paint programs... dragging boxes,
> etc.

In the current release you could implement a tool that simply drops one
of a set of default shapes into the canvas.  The shapes would be based
on paths.  Essentially this tool is nothing more than a convenience item
for creating a path manually.

This could probably be implemented as a plugin as well, though if you
did that I don't think (but am not sure with 2.4) that you can place
that as an icon in the Toolbox.

FWIW, my GFXShapes plugin will do vector shapes without paths, but you
can save the shapes as presets (re: files).  Presets are not saved as
part of the image file, however.  GFXShapes was written for 2.2 because
I really disliked the interface to GFig at the time.  I think a plugin
or integrated tool based on paths is a better solution now, however.
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