>  FWIW, my GFXShapes plugin will do vector shapes without paths, but you
>  can save the shapes as presets (re: files).  Presets are not saved as
>  part of the image file, however.  GFXShapes was written for 2.2 because
>  I really disliked the interface to GFig at the time.  I think a plugin
>  or integrated tool based on paths is a better solution now, however.

I do have a pretty clear and simple vision of making primitive shape
drawing easier. I looked at the example specs in the Wiki too. I'll
tell my hypothetical friend and see what he has to say about coming up
with a real spec in the very far, distant future.

The real goal is nothing more than to be able to draw primitives, such
as boxes, without having to go through a convoluted process of select,
fill, shrink, cut.

An alternative approach to having a new tool is to just add something
to the menu like "draw border around selection", which just automates
the current select + fill + shrink + (cut or fill) process. That would
also get the job done. Adding a button to the tool palette to show
whatever dialog is associated with this, and a keystroke to repeat the
last settings, would cover just about everything and wouldn't require
any major UI changes -- it just uses the existing selection
functionality and automates a really common task.

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