Ok, let me explain the situation I had today that prompted the posting.  I have 
some photos that have some pretty bad vignetting and I was hoping GIMP could 
take care of it for me.  So I was expecting I could open the Help or the user 
manual and just search for "vignetting" and that would take me right to the 
spot in the manual that would explain it.  But to my surprise there was no way 
to search for that.  The "find in page" is less useful because I'd have to be 
in the page that described vignetting to actually find it, and if I were there, 
I probably wouldn't need to find it.  :-)

So the entire manual search function would be very very cool to have.

Meanwhile, if you happen to know where I can find something on fixing 
vignetting and could point me to it, I'd be very grateful!  Oh, I did find in 
the web page search that the 2.4 "what's new" release notes mentioned 
vignetting under the Lens Distortion section, but with no links to Lens 
Distortion (and me not doing an exhaustive search of the index), I couldn't 
find it quickly.

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