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> classiccars wrote:
>> http://www.nabble.com/file/p20747921/29b6_3.jpg
>> I'm trying to make an image that looks like this. How can I make a photo of
>> a car look like it is sitting on a mirror?  I didn't do this one, someone
>> else did. I'm sure they flipped and added some shading for the bottom of the
>> car. The think I don't understand is how they flipped the image on two
>> different axis to getting the "Shadow" image to look like that. Any
>> suggestions?
>> Thanks for any help or ideas.. Ken
> Hi
> The reflection image is a separate image, it cannot be created by mere
> transformation of the source image.

That would be the easy way - I think this one was faked.  If you look
at the wheels - they are not flipped, and they appear to be copies of
the wheels moved down.  I imagine (total guesswork) they made a copy,
flipped and rotated (sheared?), and erased everything but the side of
the car.  Then did the same thing for the front.  Then they had to
fabricate the bottom of the car (looks fake to me).  Finally, it looks
like they just copied the wheels and moved them down, and possibly
made a few more small copied areas to stitch it all together.   That's
a bag of pain  - the best way would be to photo the model while it's
sitting on a mirror.  Then you could add extra fade-out to the
reflection in GIMP - much less painful...

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