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classiccars wrote: 

I'm trying to make an image that looks like this. How can I make a photo of
a car look like it is sitting on a mirror?  I didn't do this one, someone
else did. I'm sure they flipped and added some shading for the bottom of the
car. The think I don't understand is how they flipped the image on two
different axis to getting the "Shadow" image to look like that. Any
Thanks for any help or ideas.. Ken 


The reflection image is a separate image, it cannot be created by mere
transformation of the source image.

- Martin
It really appears to be a single image with the object resting on a mirror or reflective surface.  Now if you want to achieve a reverse image effect something like the letter A sitting atop an upside down A, you can easily do that in GIMP by combining two images.  There are also some _javascript_, probably Mootools, library effects that you can use to achieve a similar effect.  Squeeze my arm and I'll find a relevant page off list.
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