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> classiccars wrote:
>>  http://www.nabble.com/file/p20747921/29b6_3.jpg
>> I'm trying to make an image that looks like this. How can I make a photo
>> of a car look like it is sitting on a mirror?  I didn't do this one,
>> someone else did. I'm sure they flipped and added some shading for the
>> bottom of the car. The think I don't understand is how they flipped the
>> image on two different axis to getting the "Shadow" image to look like
>> that. Any suggestions?
>> Thanks for any help or ideas.. Ken
> Has anyone done anything like this before with their Gimp software?

Not recently, but I do think you're going to have to take a
"piecemeal" approach to the problem - IE, make a copy of the layer,
delete all but the car's side, and then flip it.  Repeat for other
sections of the car.  It's a big job - expect to spend a couple of
hours at the very least... That's why I was wondering if you could
park the car in a shallow puddle and then take the photo - that would
probably be less work (and look more realistic) :)

I'm a graphic designer by trade - hit me off-list if you want me to
take a look at the photo you're trying to reflect.

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