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> I'm trying to make an image that looks like this. How can I make a
> photo of a car look like it is sitting on a mirror?  I didn't do this
> one, someone else did. I'm sure they flipped and added some shading for
> the bottom of the car. The think I don't understand is how they flipped
> the image on two different axis to getting the "Shadow" image to look
> like that. Any suggestions? 

This is almost surely a 3D model, rendered using a 3D program such as 3D
studio, or open source renderers such as POV-ray. The reflection is
correct - if you look at the headlights, which are pointing slightly down
in the direct view, you'll note that they are larger in the reflection.

If you want an example of what can be done, have a look at:


Look for reflections in windows, water, drops, etc. Just amazing. And
check the perfection of the car 'model':


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