I am Gimp fan. Actually - I was. Till last weekend. I decide to
reinstall my WinXP system. Before reinstall I used GIMP 2.2.10+GTK.
But why should I not choose at the moment newst version of GIMP?

Download GIMP 2.6.3 (no GTK needed) and... disaster.
1) Open existing jpg image. Image is hidden behind current window,
lot of clicking to show image. Unbelievable...
2) I make some corrections to colour, geometry, croping. I think
they change layout off buttons in some dialogs - before button "OK"
was always in right/down corner, "Cancel" was next... like here:
http://docs.gimp.org/2.6/pl/gimp-tool-levels.html. OK, lets say I
should read button description before hit.
3) I'm ready to finish and save a job. Apply my Script-Fu
(flatten image, resolution, sharpen) and... My script doesnt work!

That's enough for me. Download Gimp 2.2.10 + GTK, uninstal 2.6.3,
instal 2.2.10. I feel good now - windows, buttons, behaviour seems
OK. Open jpg, make correction, run script-fu (done!!!!), now just
save and... crash... once it is no problem. Try again. I do nothing,
just try to save and close image. No, it doesn't work. Gimp crashes

OK. Back to 2.6.3. I have to do my job. Crying, but working. 2 weeks
ago it took me 30 minutes to tune 20-30 images. I do it every day.
Now it takes me more than one hour and I get headache every day.

Any ideas?

I'm not power user. Just using Gimp for 5 years. 2 or 3 years before
I create my first and only Script-Fu. The team (my laptop, system,
gimp, script-fu and me) was working perfect. But not today. Help me,
please :)


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