John Coppens said the following on 2008-12-09 17:35:
> On Tue, 09 Dec 2008 15:39:38 +0100
> Adam Tkocz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> 1) Open existing jpg image. Image is hidden behind current window,
>> lot of clicking to show image. Unbelievable...

> Try to go to Edit | Preferences (not File | Preferences - somewhat
> confusing) and change Window Manager Hints to 'normal window'. But I do
> believe there is an issue with the windows under Windows.

Well, thx John. I've just tried some "combination" and the problem 
seems to be solved. I will be sure tomorrow at the office - at home 
I try it on images on local HD. The problem appeared at the office, 
where I usually work on images saved to linux server volumes.
But now I have new hope and some "how to" directions :)

>> 2) I make some corrections to colour, geometry, croping. I think
>> they change layout off buttons in some dialogs - before button "OK"
>> was always in right/down corner, "Cancel" was next... like here:
>> OK, lets say I
>> should read button description before hit.
> No help here. I didn't feel any difference...

Well, there is no chance to help. I just have to change or modify 
some fixed behaviours. It will be easier to understand if U will 
know, that last 5 years I made about 30'000 pictures and maybe 
100'000 simple operations. I REMEMBER that "Ok" button is in 
Right/Down Corner. In G 2.6.3 in this corner is "Cancel" button. 
So... after applying levels, curves, resolution or so... I just 
confirm operation by moving pointer over the right/down corner 
button, click and... "play it again, Sam" :D

But trully it is not big matter. After next 5 years I will move 
mouse to another button, and they will back to "old config" ;)

>> 3) I'm ready to finish and save a job. Apply my Script-Fu
>> (flatten image, resolution, sharpen) and... My script doesnt work!
> There was a larger change in the way Sript-Fu works between 2.2.x and
> 2.4.x. I had to rework my scripts too - the changes aren't too
> complicated to add. Check this:

Yeah, this is proper info. Thanks. I need few days to refresh my 
knowledge about script-fu, but I see that there is important 
difference in using "let" operator and generally they change 
variables settings. I need one day and fresh brain and maybe I will 
manage with it. Today is late here and... I'm tired a bit.

> BTW, going back to (or staying with) and older version is hardly a threat.
> You're just missing out on all the great new things the GIMP people work
> hard to add.

U R Right. But old guys (me?) sometimes are not quick and clever 
enought to follow all changes.

Anyway. Thanks for really BIG help.
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