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> Well, there is no chance to help. I just have to change or modify 
> some fixed behaviours. It will be easier to understand if U will 
> know, that last 5 years I made about 30'000 pictures and maybe 
> 100'000 simple operations. I REMEMBER that "Ok" button is in 
> Right/Down Corner.

The button order follows the system preferences (since GIMP 2.4). The UI
designers of your operating system have chosen to place the confirmative
button leftmost. GIMP, or rather GTK+, follows this preference and
places dialog buttons according to the rules that all applications on
your system should obey. You could of course change this by setting the
"gtk-alternative-button-order" property in your gtkrc.

> U R Right. But old guys (me?) sometimes are not quick and clever 
> enought to follow all changes.

That's why we have release notes with every major release:



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