Dotan Cohen wrote:
> 2009/1/3 Heinrich Moser <>:
>> Is it possible to make GIMP use the "default" Windows File Open/Save
>> dialog*, for example, by setting some secret configuration option? I
>> remember that there was a plug-in for this a long time ago (which
>> added "Windows Open" and "Windows Save As" menu options) but I cannot
>> find that anymore.
> There seems to be a NIH syndrome in many programs, Gimp included,
> where the devs feel (possibly rightly in many cases) that they must
> reimplement core OS functionality.


GIMP not reimplementing core OS functionality, we are using the GTK+
library so that we can care as little as possible about OS specific
things. Your point about inconsistent file choosers is still valid but I
don't really see a trivial solution. Keep in mind that GIMP's usage of
the file chooser is more involving than just firing up a dialog to get a
file path. It would not be feasible to maintain the code that interacts
with the file chooser for multiple file choosers, at least not with the
current GIMP developer resources.

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