Sven Neumann <s...@gimp.org> writes:
> On Fri, 2009-01-09 at 08:14 +0700, Charles wrote:
>> The FileOpen plugin can be found here
>> http://asso.lsf.05.free.fr/telechargement/image/gimp/?M=A

Great, thanks a lot!

>> I tried it with GIMP 2.6.4, it worked but we need to create a new
>> image first before the menu become active, otherwise the menu is
>> disabled. Also the file open dialog appeared behind the image window.

I tried it with GIMP 2.4.5: Here, the dialog opens nicely in front of
the image window, and the WinOpen menu option is available if an image
is open OR gimp has just been started (i.e. it's only disabled if an
image has been opened and closed).

So, it works perfecly fine for me. :-)

> At least the first issue can easily be addressed. The plug-in should use
> the empty string as "image-type" parameter in the procedure
> registration. It probably uses "*" which means "activate this plug-in if
> there's an image, no matter what image type".

Thanks. The source code is not included in the above download link,
but there's a text file containing the author's contact info, so if
anyone is interested in taking over maintainance of that plug-in, it
shouldn't be difficult to get the source (might be easier than
starting from scratch).


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