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> OK, thanks.
> I just wondered if the CD photos would have the right information - I read
> somewhere that the ppi. for photo printing should be about 200, the ppi. for
> my CD prints is 72.

It depends on the pixel dimensions - if the CD photos are only 360 px
by 504 px ( which is 5"x7" at 72 DPI), you will not get very high
quality prints.  However, I suspect the CD photos are probably much
larger - so you should resize them to 5x7 with software like GIMP and
see what the resulting PPI is...  Wow, does that even make sense?

Let me try again: even though the CD photos are at 72 DPI, they're
probably much larger than 5x7 - if so you can resize them to 5x7 and
end up with a higher PPI.

Most drugstore labs (where I live) can print photos from a SD card or
a USB stick...

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