> It depends on the pixel dimensions - if the CD photos are only 360 px
> by 504 px ( which is 5"x7" at 72 DPI), you will not get very high
> quality prints.  However, I suspect the CD photos are probably much
> larger - so you should resize them to 5x7 with software like GIMP and
> see what the resulting PPI is...  Wow, does that even make sense?
> Let me try again: even though the CD photos are at 72 DPI, they're
> probably much larger than 5x7 - if so you can resize them to 5x7 and
> end up with a higher PPI.
> Most drugstore labs (where I live) can print photos from a SD card or
> a USB stick...

Actually, the DPI is adjusted on the fly in the shops that I am
familiar with. You take a digital image of any dimensions, tell them
on what size to print it, and that's it. Naturally, trying to print
320x240 px image on an A4 sized print will look terrible, but up to
the technical limits of the machine it can be done. Therefore, make
sure that the shop that gives you the disc used a high (at least 300
DPI, and 1200 would not be unreasonable) resolution setting so that
the resultant prints will look decent.

Dotan Cohen


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