A. M. wrote:
> OK, thanks.  
> I just wondered if the CD photos would have the right information - I read
> somewhere that the ppi. for photo printing should be about 200, the ppi. for
> my CD prints is 72. 
You might enquire of the place you take your film for processing whether 
you can specify the PPI of the processed images, in which case I would 
specify a ppi of 300 or more. If you cannot, and you have a scanner, you 
might be able to scan the negative on your scanner, and "develop" which 
would be basically changing to the color balance of the image and 
prepare the images at home.  I have had reasonably good luck scanning 
both positive and negative images made on 35 mm film in a variety of 
media on a flatbed scanner, and processing the film. I scan at 1200 dpi, 
and by printing at the same image 300 dpi, I increase the size of the 
printed image by 4 times.


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