So, I'm always messing around.  Hadn't booted into Ubuntu in 17 days - hard to
believe how fickle I am.  I must have gone more than a year of hardly using
XP, then, with an update in my A700's firmware, I discovered that the new
version of Sony's software for the camera really worked well, and a Gimp for
Windows update made it also work really well in XP, and, there you have it,
I'm 17 days without having booted Ubuntu.

Anyhow, out of curiosity, I did boot up Ubuntu just now, tried Gimp, and it
appears that, somehow, I or my system has installed UFRaw so that when I try
to open a RAW photo, instead of the error message I used to receive, UFRaw
opens the image for me, and I can make adjustments or just click ok after
which the photo is loaded into GIMP.

My problem is that all photos thus loaded are extrememely fuzzy, as though I
had hit the entire image with a strong dose of Gaussian.  So, can someone tell
me what I am doing wrong?


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