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>When UFRaw opens on my machine towards the bottom of the panel, on the
>left hand side, there is 'Denoise' with a slider, isn't this to remove
>noise? I am using Ubuntu 8.10.
Well, I tried to reply using my Gmail, but don't think it went to the right
place.  In any event, Norman, thanks for the tip.  I'm using a version of
UfRaw called 0.13.  When it opens, the panel you mention shows up as
"Threshold".  I was looking for "Denoiser".  When I hover my pointer over that
panel, I get a pop-up message that states "Threshold for Wavelet Denoising". 
It was defaulting so that the slider was 3/4 of the way to the right -
obviously causing my pictures to be blurry.  Resetting using the blue circular
reset arrow sends it back to zero (all the way to the left), and now my
pictures are coming out normal.

Thanks again for your help.  Solved my problem, and now, I can take a bit of
a break from XP.
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