On Sat, Apr 04, 2009 at 03:58:14PM +0200, Carusoswi wrote:
> Anyhow, out of curiosity, I did boot up Ubuntu just now, tried Gimp, and it
> appears that, somehow, I or my system has installed UFRaw so that when I try
> to open a RAW photo, instead of the error message I used to receive, UFRaw
> opens the image for me, and I can make adjustments or just click ok after
> which the photo is loaded into GIMP.
> My problem is that all photos thus loaded are extrememely fuzzy, as though I
> had hit the entire image with a strong dose of Gaussian.  So, can someone tell
> me what I am doing wrong?

What are you comparing to? JPEGs produced by the same camera? If you use
RAW, many enhancements that your camera normally does are not done,
among them sharpening. Depending on your camera you might have a setting
in your camera to select how much sharpening is done on processed

You can use either the Sharpen filter or Unsharp mask to sharpen your
imported RAW photo in GIMP.

Ville Pätsi

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