On Windows, I can go to GIMP\bin and type ufraw-batch in a Dos
command window.  I can also type ufraw -help and that brings
up a large window full of options -- that unfortunately goes
off the bottom of my screen so I can't read the whole thing.

I found that if I save the configuration in ufraw, that the next
file that opens uses that configuration.  However, I shoot portrate
mode for my panoramas and so I have to manually rotate each image
as it is loaded.  The configuration does not seem to save that

I found out that ufraw-batch takes an ID file.  But I do not
know the format of the ID file or how one might generate one.

I googled around for ufraw id files and found this:


But this page -- which is has the UFRaw tutorial doesn't exist.


Perhaps you can point me in the right direction again...

norman wrote:
> Why don't you have a look at http://ufraw.sourceforge.net/Guide.html
> there is a reference there to batch processing using ufraw-batch?
> Sometimes having a look around saves a lot of time and agro.
> Norman
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