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On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 10:51 AM, DJ <delphit...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Gimp-user,
> * One *
> I was just trying things out and noticed some errors when I start Gimp
> from the Linux command line.  They don't seem to be causing any
> problems, but I was wondering if anyone knew what they were.
> If I take one for example, "/././.gimp-2.6/patterns/". This directory
> is in Gimp's Preferences.  I see the patterns in the Pattern Dialog. I
> can open up the patterns from Gimp's File Dialog. So why the "fail to
> load"? HHMmm... :-)
> * Messages *
> GIMP-Error: Failed to load data:
> Image file '/././.gimp-2.6/patterns/extras' contains no data
> GIMP-Error: Failed to load data:
> Fatal parse error in palette file '/././.gimp-2.6/palettes/gps': Read
> error in line 1.
> GIMP-Error: Failed to load data:
> Fatal parse error in gradient file '/././.gimp-2.6/gradients/web2.0':
> Read error in line 1

What this means is that, opening a directory as if it is a file will
not yield sensible results, and naturally these directories do not
make sense when you try to read them as if they were gradient files :)

> * Two *
> Awhile back, I installed the FX-Foundry. I was looking at the Gimp
> Registry and noticed there seemed to be some duplication. For example,
> Quick Sketch.
> In FX-Foundry, the name is: phillips-quick-sketch.scm
> Last update according to internal comments: 9/9/2007
> In Gimp-Registry, the name is: quick-sketch_0.scm
> Last update according to internal comments: 2/9/2009
> The changes made by a different person than the originator.
> Should I expect to see duplication between FX-Foundry and the Gimp
> Registry? The Gimp Registry is the "official" add-on location,
> correct?

Fx Foundry is itself available on the GIMP Registry, so.. I'm not sure
what else to say...
FX Foundry is a collection of scripts, some of which were sourced from
the GIMP Registry; some of them have been updated to be compatible
with GIMP 2.6 as needed. If you believe that the FX-Foundry version is
out of date, consider mailing the creator of FX-Foundry about this.

I have looked at it myself, and it appears that certain aspects of the
registry version are improved on the FX-Foundry version. In
particular, the registry version, rather than converting the image to
grayscale, only desaturates the current layer. So it might be worth
mentioning this to the maintainer, Alexia Death
(though she may see this anyway :) I know she's subscribed to the
gimp-developer ML, not sure about the gimp-user ML)

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