On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 10:41 PM, Alchemie foto\grafiche
<fotocom...@yahoo.it> wrote:
>>Regarding, "concept 2 clones may kill each other", I'm
>> working under
>> the assumption, that the order of the directories in the
>> Edit /
>> Preferences / Folders, determines which script or plug-in
>> is used. The
>> 2 arrows at the top of the panel change the order.
> Not exactly and is not only a problem for clones even if happen much more 
> seldom in other cases
> I always fail to explain it with the right words i hope other may do better
> I try again but the technical term may be not exact:
> Basically there are parameters assigned to each script, when 2 or more script 
> use the same name of a already assigned parameter trouble  happen.

The problem occurs when two or more scripts define and register a
function with the exact same name.
AFAIK the parameters of the functions do not effect this problem; and
scripts themselves cannot have parameters, only the functions they
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