Hi Alchemie and Gimp-Users:

Afg> I may answer only to question 2 this

Afg> FX Foundry constantly update scripts for newer Gimp version so 2 very 
different thing may happen

Afg> 1) in case of not more maintained script (that means very often)
Afg> the FX-foundry version is the most up to date

Afg> 2) in the opposite case, when the script author is taking care
Afg> to maintain and update his scripts then may happen the opposite,
Afg> that his version is the most up to date

Thanks so much - boring questions for experts, I'm sure :-) Hopefully
as I learn more, I'll be able to pass on the best information :-)

I sort of like the packaged idea of FX-Foundry, the consolidation of
menus/submenus, but I think I get your point. Use Gimp Registry to get
the parts, but if you want the whole, go to SourceForge.  And then,
only consider getting what you want.

I have many tutorials lined-up to go through. One gotcha, for me at
least, the older tutorials and the variation of menus. I'm not so
accustomed to Gimp that I know where everything is yet, without some
thought. And with 2.6, in some cases, there seems to be better way
(less key strokes, new feature), of doing things, imho.

Two basic actions that are coming clear: always check the Options of
a Tool, and always know what is active in the Layers dialog :-) When I
can't get something to work in the tutorial, it is usually because I
have the wrong Layer active.

I got on the RSS Feed of the Gimp Registry. I thought it might be a
good way to stay current and informed on a regular basis. I'll
download an interesting script to try it out, maybe learn something in
the process :-) I don't necessarily keep it. When I download a script,
it isn't externally apparent where it will end up on Gimp's menu. I'll
view the source, and scan to the bottom to find out where it will go.
If I want to keep it, but it created another main menu, currently I'm
changing it to go under an existing main menu/sub-menu item. I didn't
know how the RSS Feed worked, and just assumed it was updated when a
script was updated. Ooops. Oh well.

Regarding, "concept 2 clones may kill each other", I'm working under
the assumption, that the order of the directories in the Edit /
Preferences / Folders, determines which script or plug-in is used. The
2 arrows at the top of the panel change the order.

If I have my home directory before the system directory, the version
in my home directory should take precedence. I've been making
sub-directories, under my home directory, like:

Home Directory:

Gimp Preferences:

Gimp seems to read the sub-directories content (From a previous
question, Gimp gives an error message on the console for the

Recently, I've been thinking I should explicitly add the
sub-directories to Gimp's Preferences and remove the main directory,
to control the order, like:

Home Directory:

Gimp Preferences:

If I wanted a fx_foundry script to take precedence over a Gimp
registry script with the same name, I'd change the order, like:

Gimp Preferences:

Thanks again.


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