Hi Alchemie and Gimp Users,

Ah, I got it. It happened to me yesterday when I installed a package
of scripts.

For example, "add-bevel.scm" comes from two sources. It was in the
system directory and this new package of scripts, which I installed in
my home Gimp directory. This is a first for me. The scripts content
were different, but I don't know Gimp scripting well enough to
determine the impact of those differences. I did a quick "fix" and
tacked a 2 on the end of the appropriate source code line(s). I see
both of them in Gimp's Help / Procedure Browser, and it looks like the
second one has an additional Parameter. They are both in the menu, and
they both work. I noticed there wasn't any version info listed in the
Procedure Browser. I suppose, unless one is writing scripts, the name
could be anything.

The copy in the system directory is not going away. If a user wants to
install a script into their home directory, but it has the same
internal name, is there a better way to handle this?

Thank you.

>>Regarding, "concept 2 clones may kill each other", I'm
>> working under
>> the assumption, that the order of the directories in the
>> Edit /
>> Preferences / Folders, determines which script or plug-in
>> is used. The
>> 2 arrows at the top of the panel change the order.

Afg> Not exactly and is not only a problem for clones even if happen much more 
seldom in other cases

Afg> I always fail to explain it with the right words i hope other may do better
Afg> I try again but the technical term may be not exact:
Afg> Basically there are parameters assigned to each script, when 2
Afg> or more script use the same name of a already assigned parameter trouble  

Afg> Obviously is almost sure this will happen for similar version of
Afg> the same script, while is much less probable for different scripts

Afg> But then "parameters" in that context may be a misleading or
Afg> misused term i hope someone else may explain better


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