Martin Nordholts <> wrote:

> On 08/29/2009 12:58 AM, zed wrote:
> > As a very new user of the Gimp, I find it annoying that there appears to
> > be no selection tool that turns off all tools.  I am thinking of a
> > package like Inscape, where the default is that when loaded no tool is
> > selected and one has to make a selection before anything happens.
> >
> > Is there such a tool in the Gimp?  If there is, please will someone tell
> > me how to select it, 'cos I just cannot find it?
> There currently isn't, but the transform tool will be pretty similar to
> the default Inkscape tool:

Thank you, Martin.  I visited the site and read through the text -
understood only a little of it -  as at this stage of my knowledge, most of
it is beyond my comprehension.  Perhaps, as I grow more adept at using the
Gimp, do my understanding will grow.


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