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On 28 Aug 09 23:58 zed <z...@zed.net.nz> said:
> I find it annoying that there 
> appears to be no selection tool that turns off all tools.

I am confused by this feature request.

The GIMP is an image editing package not an image display package. 
Therefore, by definition, you will always need some tool turned on in 
order to start work. Why turn everything off?

If the default tool available on startup is not the one you want then 
you just click to change it. What's the difference between this and 
starting with no tool selected and clicking it to start?

At no point will you ever want to turn off ALL tools. The only time 
you'd want to do that is when you want to quit the program, and then 
you might as well quit the program, why turn it into a two stage quit 
the tool then quit the program process?

Effectively, this is the same question that new users often ask, "How 
do I stop the pointer change shape?" The answer is by stopping moving 
the pointer. In other words, stopping work!  It reflects a total lack 
of undestanding of one of the main functions of the pointer. It's 
telling you what will happen if you click or drag with the current 
tool selected. It's a warning that you may need to change tools, or a 
confirmation that the intended thing will happen as you click or drag.

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