Greg Chapman <> wrote:

> Hi Zed,
> On 28 Aug 09 23:58 zed <> said:
> > I find it annoying that there appears to be no selection tool that turns
> > off all tools.
[snipped but read and absorbed]
> Effectively, this is the same question that new users often ask, "How do I
> stop the pointer change shape?" The answer is by stopping moving the
> pointer. In other words, stopping work!  It reflects a total lack of
> understanding of one of the main functions of the pointer. It's telling
> what will happen if you click or drag with the current tool selected. It's
> a warning that you may need to change tools, or a confirmation that the
> intended thing will happen as you click or drag.

You are absolutely correct, Greg, it is my lack of understanding which lead
to the question.  That, together with the fact that at the start a tool is
selected and I click on the image and wonder what has happened and how I
change it..  Don't worry, I will train my brain to be more logical.  Put it
down to the fact that I'm well past my use by date and trying to take on
board new concepts is becoming a tad challenging.



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