>On 2009-09-30, John Mills <johnmi...@speakeasy.net> wrote:
>> If you aren't making any adjustments in UFRaw you may be just as well-off

>> to work with [say] JPEG images out of your camera. The intermediate stage

>> of adjusting your image in UFRaw is one of the main reasons for using RAW

>> format in the first place.
>This is as far from being true as one can get.
>A hint: a camera uses as-much-pessimized-as-possible computer, and
>does RAW-->JPEG conversion in a fraction of a second.  RAW converter
>most probably uses hundreds times more powerful hardware, and takes up
>to minute(s) to perform convertion.
>Guess how the results compare...
>Hope this helps,
>I'll embellish the OP's original question for further discussion. 
Obviously, if you adjust in UFRaw, your 'range' of adjustments is much wider
than what would be available if you were starting straight to GIMP with a
camera generated JPG.

In the spirit of the OP's question, if you make no adjustments in UFRAW, is
there any more latitude for adjustment in the resultant JPG file (in Gimp or
other editing application) than what you might get straight from the camera?

Personally, I use UFRaw to fine tune the exposure (I like those blinking
whatchamacallits) although, most of the time, having shot in RAW and adjusted
exposure in the camera according to the histogram view, I generally already
have the best exposure balance so that, if there is any blinking in UFRaw, it
will show up for both overblown highlights and underexposed shadows.  I might
do a little noise control on some shots, and that's about it.  The rest, in my
view, is better handled in GIMP.

It feels as though I have a lot of latitude in GIMP.  It's not unusual for me
to rescue details in deep shadows by adding duplicate layers in screen mode
(masking out all but the shadowed areas).

I finally have that process down, and it works quite well.

Since I don't shoot in JPEG at all, I cannot say if the process would be
greatly compromised using in camera jpegs, but someone else may be able to
share some thoughts along those lines.


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