> > Ok,  I want to make sure that I've asked my question clear enough before I
> > decide that you guys have blown me away with your technological knowledge. 
> > I'm
> > shooting in RAW and so I'm opening up a RAW file with UFRaw because without
> > opening the file first with UFRaw, I can't get it into into Gimp for Post
> > Processing. I hope I'm right so far. Well, after opening the RAW file in 
> > UFRaw
> > and whether I perforn any adjustments or not in UFRaw, if I hit OK to send 
> > it
> > to Gimp isn't it still a RAW file when it's in GIMP or has UFRaw converted 
> > it
> > to a jpg automatically and that is why the image looks crappy in GIMP,
> > particulairly when zoomed in on? 

I have been following this thread with interest so I decided to do some
tests. The results may be relevant or not as the case may be but I think
that they are interesting. My little camera gives a RAW image = 8.6 MB
and a jpeg image = 2.6 MB. The developed RAW image from UFRaw saved at
98% jpeg = 17.2 MB and then that image loaded into GIMP and saved as xcf
= 17.0 MB.


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