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> Well, after opening the RAW file in UFRaw and whether
> I perforn any adjustments or not in UFRaw, if I hit OK to send it to
> Gimp isn't it still a RAW file when it's in GIMP or has UFRaw
> converted it to a jpg automatically and that is why the image looks
> crappy in GIMP, particulairly when zoomed in on?

I have no idea how your communication channel is configured.  I would
use sRGB 8-bit TIFF (do not know whether deflation makes sense [called
ZIP in GIMP]) with no downscale, or at most to-75% downscale (to-65%
should be OK with most pocket cameras).

> Isn't there is only a relatively small amount of things you can do
> to an image in UFRaw?

Probably true (never used UFRaw ;-).  On the other hand, AFAIK, GIMP
has practically no tools to do photo-related work either (one can't
even apply a curve to L channel without going through a hundred

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