GIMP 2.6.6 running on Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy" Linux.

In the archives I found information that to delete a color profile, you
just set the color space (Image, Mode, Assign Color Profile...) to sRGB
which apparently is a color space without color profile.

There were three TIFF images which PhotoShop 5.x on Windoze would not
open due to corrupted color space.  These images are believed to have
been corrupted years ago when a server had bad RAM and wrecked a couple
thousand images being transferred to a particular external hard drive;
most were easy to identify as corrupted (i.e. reported, not real, size
grew to over 2GB ea; but we still find a few that generally work okay,
but have corruption in the profile).  I was trying to fix them for
another person so that they could open them in PhotoShop.

Using the above mentioned technique in GIMP, I fixed one of them just
fine.  Its corruption (and on-open error message) was different than the
other two.

However, two others were not fixable by this method.

??? Is this a bug?

This is what happened...

In the Open File dialog, upon just clicking on the filename (prior to
actual opening, but resulting in seeing a preview), Gimp put out error

   lcms: Error #12288; Corrupted memory profile

However, the file _could_ be opened in Gimp.

Upon attempting to assign the sRGB to the image (Image, Mode, Assign
Color Profile...) just clicking on the last part (Assign Color
Profile...) resulted in a) the dialog did not open for doing that task;
b) the menu collapsed back to normal state; c) the error message appeared

  lcms: Error #12288; Corrupted memory profile

and d) in the Message Console (sorry, I lost the exact text) it says
that the "dying plugin... may have left Gimp... unstable state" or
something like that.

So, just clicking to get the dialog to change to sRGB killed the plugin
that was do to that task.

(In the end I solved my problem by literally copying & pasting the image
into a new window and then saving that as the same filename.)

I _do_ have a saved sample corrupted image file if anybody needs this
for testing purposes.

Is this a bug?  Is it known?  Should I post on the developer list?
Should I put it in bugzilla?

Lastly.... is there a command-line bulk/batch method to remove color
profile (i.e. set to sRGB) on hundreds of image files (TIFF) at a time?

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