On 12/18/2009 03:16 PM, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 2009-12-18 at 14:33 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:
>> If I were a developer, with the necessary skills, I would be curious
>> about what was killing off the plugin and why the plugin dieing
>> (especially when it was just trying to open a dialog and had not
>> actually attempted to take action on the image yet) would leave the
>> whole program in a potentially unstable state.
> The message that tells you about the dying plug-in is just a general
> dialog. It says that GIMP 'might' have been left in an unstable state.
> In general this is not the case and there's nothing to worry about
> here. 
> I have written the plug-in that crashed, and I can tell what's most
> likely going wrong, without having a look at the code or your broken
> image. The assumption that the plug-in would not have accessed the image
> before it opens the dialog is wrong, since the plug-in needs to read the
> color profile from the image in order to present information about the
> current color profile to the user. If the attached profile is corrupt,
> then it may crash at this point. I don't really care about fixing this
> for all sorts of corrupt input data. Such a fix would most likely
> introduce regressions and would make the code much more difficult to
> read and maintain.
> You can probably get the plug-in to do its job of removing the attached
> color profile by calling the plug-in procedure non-interactively. Or you
> could simply remove the "icc-profile" parasite from the image.
> Sven


Thank you very much for this information.  It is very helpful.

When I originally searched for information about how to do this, before
I posted, I came across a discussion of the subject -- and you were a

But, what I have _not_ found information about how to do is:

a) Call the plug-in procedure non-interactively

b) Use gimp_image_parasite_detach -- I am not sure in what environment
this is used, etc.  I found
but can't figure out how to run it (from the command line does not work).

c) "simply remove the "icc-profile" parasite from the image" as you
suggest.  This is what I wanted to do all along, from the very start,
but somehow my searching is not finding instructions.  I must not be
searching with the correct search terms.

Any advice would be appreciated.

By the way, if possible, I would like to do this parasite removal on
tens of thousands of files.  Perhaps as the 'exec' of a 'find' command.


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