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> I am running windows xp on a nice dell optiplex.  I believe the os is
> up to date.  Just upgrade to ..6.8.  Gimp works fine, except that I
> cannot print!  I open a line drawing, do file, print, and nothing
> happens.  There must be some setup or plugin I am missing.

I have a similar problem with a Konica Minolta 1300 that is set
up on network (http port), which happens to be the default one in my
My workaround, if I *really* need to prin from within GIMP:
- in my system there is also PDFCreator installed
- I set PDFCreator as the default printer *before* starting GIMP
- do whatever in GIMP
- print -> PDFCreator -> generating pdf
- open the pdf and print to whatever printer

In the above case, after the click on "Print..." but just when the
printers dialog comes up I select the Konica Minolta printer, the
dialog hangs and I have to close it by force, giving a GIMP message
about the plug-in "print.exe" which has crashed, blah, blah.


Cristian Secară
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