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> Just a suggestion, have you tried using TurboPrint, a free trial is
> available? It may work and is much cheaper than a new printer.

I'm one of those people who's a hard core open source user and sniffs
disdainfully at any proprietary solution to achieve my means :) But I
try not to impose these irrational beliefs on anyone else, especially
on mailing lists and forums. I'd much rather saddle myself with a
crappy, generic photo printer of dubious quality than try out software
that might function perfectly well :)

But in all seriousness, there are other reasons to get a photo
printer. My Color LaserJet might be great for documents and graphics,
but it sucks horribly at printing photos. It can't do border-less
printing, its colour rendering is inferior, and it costs a fortune in
toner. A great HP photo printer is only $140 or so and would give me
better print quality than commercial photo printing companies.

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