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> After a lot of too-ing and fro-ing, plus an element of magic, I actually
> found the "Restore" item in the menu!
> I then tried two scanned slides with Restore.  The one I have described
> already (boy in Napoleon outfit in front of mountain) and another, a field of
> red poppies with fringing bushes.  The former showed little change after
> trying all variations of Restore, notably that the blue tinge was not
> lightened and the yellow splashes in the sky stayed there.  The poppies,
> however, did shown an improvement in that the fringing bushes certainly became
> more green than before.
> Having no instructions for using Restore, I assume I used in correctly - I
> suppose there's not much more to be done than ring the changes on the
> controls?
> Where does one find the file referred to earlier - photorestore.pdf?

Before you can really start to get involved in the restoration of old
transparencies I would suggest that you try to understand what has, in
fact, happened to the dyes responsible for producing those colours. You
can take it from me that there is no single, easy way to solve the
problem without producing some degradation in quality and detail and I
am of the opinion that each slide has to be treated on its own merits.
I am sure a Google search could be most productive and, if you would
like to make copies of your slides available I would be delighted to try
to see what various methods could do.

There are some interesting examples to found at :-



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